Case Study

Twenty years ago,
I was retained by the CEO of a growing public company
to recruit military veterans for a newly formed Leadership Development Program (LDP). 

The CEO informed me how the company grew through acquisition
and did a poor job assimilating the new employees into the company. 

He felt the performance of the newly acquired offices was dropping and the common focus was lost.
As a result, the company culture had been seriously diluted
and the CEO had lost confidence in many of the local managers across the country. 

The CEO was looking to bring on managers he could trust and be loyal to the organization.
He reached out to me because I’m a retired Marine Corps officer and he thought
I could find the type of leader he was looking for – which I did. 

After a few conversations, we zeroed in on the most desirable traits and recruitment began in earnest.
In two months, we had recruited enough prior military veterans to launch the first LDP class
and in 18 months, we recruited 55 highly proven military leaders!

Twenty years later,
that first class blossomed into many more and
even led the company to eventually launch a new division focused on providing solutions to the government.


The Value in Hiring Veterans

Core values Ridgeback veteran recruiting

Because I have a long history recruiting veterans, I’m often asked, “What’s the value in hiring veterans?” I’m asked that so much, I figured I’d write this post. First off, all the US military branches stress certain Core Values and hold their service members accountable to them. Consequently, military members work in an environment where traits like Honor, Integrity, and Commitment mean something. These traits are the cornerstones of military culture. Corporations benefit because hiring veterans is like “planting seedlings”…


Hiring the Right Talent

hiring the right new

It is common knowledge that to rush through anything results in poor quality. Consider the quote by famed coach John Wooden. “If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?” Hiring the right talent for a specified job takes time. This also happens to be what most managers and owners don’t have. Seeing as we specialize in recruiting here at Ridgeback, we wanted to break down some recruitment steps to help…


5 Must Read Books on Leadership

5 must read

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